We all know that too much sun can be damaging to children. But do you know just how much?

According to Cancer Research UK and the Skin Cancer Research Fund, 80% of skin damage by the sun that can lead to all forms of skin cancer takes place in childhood. That means if you want to significantly reduce the chance of your children developing skin cancer in later life, it’s vital that you protect their skin as children. Using specialist children’s high factor sun cream is essential, as is getting them to wear a hat, but is there another way to protect them from the sun? There is…

Sun suits

UV Sun suits are made from special fabrics that offer built-in sun protection, whether through a special dye, treatment or how the material is woven. Regardless of the fabric though, sun suits block out harmful UV rays and help prevent damage to your child’s skin.

Why use a sun suit?

There are three great reasons to buy sun suits for your children:

  • They offer fantastic sun protection for sensitive skin – Children’s skin is especially sensitive to the sun, but it can also be sensitive to other things too, even sunscreen on occasions. There are a range of sun creams that offer chemical free protection, but these are often difficult to apply to the skin. Sun suits offer a fantastic alternative.
  • They offer constant protection – As good as sun screens are, when you’ve got kids playing in and out of the pool or sea, you need to keep reapplying sunblock at regular intervals to make sure that their skin is getting the protection they need. Even sun sunscreens that are classed as water resistant eventually wash off. It’s easy to forget though isn’t it? With a sun suit though, you can apply much less often, because they’re getting fantastic protection already from the suit itself.
  • Sun suits look fantastic – As well as all the sun protection benefits, quite simply sun suits look great on the beach. They come in a wide range of colours and designs so your child is bound to find something they love.

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