Think you know what a beach tent is for? Well think again, because it has so many more uses that you think. Here are our top 5 ways your beach tent can be used to make your day on the beach that much better.

 Protection from the elements

Beach tents can provide a great way to get some shade when the sun is at its hottest. But it’s not just the harmful UV rays a beach tent can protect you from. Beach tents can prevent painful sand blowing across you in blustery conditions and they can also offer some protection if you’re unfortunate to experience a shower on the beach.

  • A very popular UPF 50+ family beach tent – providing ultimate sun protection for you and your family.

    These features of the Shelta Beach Tent Family UV Protector make it a must-buy for any holiday or trip to the beach:

    THE SHELTA FAMILY BEACH TENT UV PROTECTOR UPF 50+ offers excellent protection from sun and wind on the beach for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Protection for your valuables

Of course you should really keep an eye on your possessions all the time on the beach. However, is this realistically possible, especially when the kids are running about and wanting to have fun? Beach tents can help prevent thefts by opportunist thieves because they help shield your belongings from prying eyes and make them more difficult to get to.


Beaches are very public places and whilst nothing is completely private on a beach, a beach tent can give you a good amount of private space. As well as helping you relax in the sun away from the eyes of strangers, you can also change your clothes without having to wrestle with beach towels.

Make your food last longer

It’s great fun taking your own food to the beach and it really cuts the cost too. The relentless sun though can mean some food can spoil quicker and if it’s a breezy day, it can mean sand getting into your food. Beach tents can shield your food from both, enabling you to enjoy a tasty picnic on the beach.

Give your children and babies a shady place to shelter from the sun (the most important in our eyes!)

Babies and children are particularly sensitive to the effects of the sun. Babies especially should never be exposed to direct sunlight for any period of time. Beach tents can provide a great place for them to shelter away from the direct glare of the sun and can also be useful as a baby changing station too!

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    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent has a unique ‘instant’ pop up frame mechanism, simply open out and pull on cord.

    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent features mesh screens and air vents located on every side, convenient internal storage pockets, deep filling sand bags around the sides for stability. New zippered door for privacy. Comes with carry bag for easy storage. UPF50+ protection.

  • Includes Free Delivery*

    The Abo Gear InsTent Max Beach Tent gives you a several feet of additional room when taking the family to the beach or camping and offers SPF 50 sun protection on those hot, summer days.


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