Beach Tents

With a great range of beach tents now available, you have a better choice than ever before if you are looking for a UV beach tent, so you should definitely be able to find a beach tent that suits your needs.


Many of us are enjoying spending more and more time at the beach with our families and friends, both in the UK and abroad. However, while we don’t want to compromise on making the most of the beach and the good weather when we get it, we do need to think about the potential harmful effects of the sun and that’s where a beach tent comes in to protect your family.

Particularly if you have young children, you need to be able to provide them the shelter, and of course shade that they need, during a trip to the beach. Thankfully, an extensive range of beach tents are now available, offering you and your family protection from the sun’s rays (not to mention shelter if the weather takes a turn for the worse!).

When you come to shop for a family beach tent, you should check out any information relating to the sun protection factor offered by it.


As well as acting as a beach tent, many of these beach tents also double up as a wind shelter as well. This flexibility allows you convenience together with the protection you need, and many of the UV beach tents on the market are also easy to assemble, as well as to tidy away of course.

Another advantage to using a UV beach tent is that your kids can enjoy their time at the beach without swathes of insects encroaching on them, as many of the shelters are also designed to keep these at bay too.

Beach Tent Design

The range of materials and designs that today’s UV beach tent and shelters are manufactured according to is seriously impressive. As well as carrying out their sun sheltering duties effectively, many of them are surprisingly easy to access, and provide substantial amounts of sheltered space within them.

The ingenious structural designs that you’ll find displayed in a modern beach tent will strike a nice balance between shelter and ventilation, so that your comfort is perfectly preserved. Some UV beach tents have built in facilities such as sand pockets, so that you can prevent the shelter blowing away if it gets a little too windy at the beach.

UV Beach Tent Size

If you’re in the market for a UV beach tent, it’s worth checking not only what size it is when it’s open, but also what size it takes up when it’s packed away. Many of the available beach tents are created with straps for ease of carrying them back and forward from the beach, a Baby beach tent is a great convenience particularly if you have kids, together with all their various beach toys etc.

Depending on your budget, you should be able to get a UV beach tent solution that suits your needs. A good UV beach tent will allow you and your family to make the most of the time you spend at the seaside, while making sure everyone’s kept safe and comfortable.