A family day at the beach is something that everyone enjoys and it is days such as these that create those wonderful memories from childhood that stay with you all your life. While many of us just ran around in the sun when we were kids, the damaging effects of the sun are now well documented, and now parents are ensuring that the sensitive skin of their little ones is as protected as possible when out in the summer.

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    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent has a unique ‘instant’ pop up frame mechanism, simply open out and pull on cord.

    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent features mesh screens and air vents located on every side, convenient internal storage pockets, deep filling sand bags around the sides for stability. New zippered door for privacy. Comes with carry bag for easy storage. UPF50+ protection.

  • Includes Free Delivery*

    The Abo Gear InsTent Max Beach Tent gives you a several feet of additional room when taking the family to the beach or camping and offers SPF 50 sun protection on those hot, summer days.

Apart from the sunsuits, sun glasses and sun block, there is another fun way of affording shade on the beach, especially during the hottest part of the day.  Beach tent shelters are great for those times when kids need a break from the sun, despite all their other protective pieces. They are also perfect for little ones to take a nap, thus allowing the rest of  the family to stay out in the sun and not have the day cut short by sleepy little ones.


There are a huge range of beach tent shelters available these days, and you are as likely to see these dotted around the beaches of Europe as you would see windbreaks and deckchairs in days gone by. Cheap, practical and a lot of fun, the beach tent means the whole family can have happy days at the seaside without any risks of burning. Sitting or lying a baby in one of these shelters means that they are taking part in the fun too, and nobody has to be left behind to take care of baby.


You can get them in whole range of colours and styles, so you will have no problem finding one that best suits the needs of your family. The lightweight portability of them also means that you aren’t weighed down by anything hefty when taking a trip to the beach, apart from the picnic hamper of course.



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