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The Shelta Family Beach Tent and the ABO Gear Instent Max Beach Tent are now in stock!

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  • A very popular UPF 50+ family beach tent – providing ultimate sun protection for you and your family.

    These features of the Shelta Beach Tent Family UV Protector make it a must-buy for any holiday or trip to the beach:

    THE SHELTA FAMILY BEACH TENT UV PROTECTOR UPF 50+ offers excellent protection from sun and wind on the beach for up to 2 adults and 2 children.

  • Includes Free Delivery*

    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent has a unique ‘instant’ pop up frame mechanism, simply open out and pull on cord.

    The Abo Gear Instent beach tent features mesh screens and air vents located on every side, convenient internal storage pockets, deep filling sand bags around the sides for stability. New zippered door for privacy. Comes with carry bag for easy storage. UPF50+ protection.

With a great range of beach tents now available, you have a better choice than ever before if you are looking for a UV beach tent, so you should definitely be able to find a beach tent that suits your needs.


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